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News, 10/10/2017

100 years of Finnish education success stories

Photo: Arto Wiikari
Four generations
From left: Jarmo Vesala, Taito Vesala, Tatu Vesala and Jari Vesala share certain school experiences.

When Taito Vesala, 96, started school at the age of six in 1926, in the first year he had two weeks of school in the autumn and another two weeks in the spring, in an ambulatory school. After that, he attended four years of primary school, and there his education ended.

“Before we were given our school-leaving certificates, the teacher’s niece and I competed on who had the best grades in the class,” Taito recalls. “The teacher very much wanted me to continue to grammar school, since my grades were actually quite good. But my family was poor, so I had to go to work and give the money I earned to my parents.

“So that was the end of my formal education, and the rest of my learning took place in the school of life.”

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Updated 10/23/2017

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