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News, 3/1/2012

Suomi-neito illustration competition

”Suomi-neito” is the national character of Finland usually pictured as a young, beautiful blond lady. Actually Suomi-Neito also refers to the shape of the country, looking like a woman in a long dress. Sometimes Finns explain where their hometowns and cities are situated in Finland by addressing to that part of her, for instance Enontekiö in the very North-West part of Lapland is referred as Suomi-Neito’s arm.

The appearance of Suomi-neito has not been updated for long time. The tweet about Suomi-neito on our official twitter account on Feb 10 greatly piqued followers attention, which eventually opened the illustration competition of Suomi-neito. By the deadline on Feb 17, we received 35 entries. Through the review we have appointed the “grand-prix,” ”award winners,” and ”special award.” The Embassy of Finland honorably prizes grand-prix winner with stuffed Angry Birds and GOLLA product, the award winners with WDC Helsinki 2012 item, and the special award winner with Moomin product. All the participants will get thisisFINLAND pen.


Pääpalkinnon voittaja












by @ba66ie


Award Winners

Voittaja 1












by @piro10088001

Voittaja 2












by Yuzu

Voittaja 4












by @URAN1017


Special awardErityispalkinto












by @paritoperi

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