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News, 1/9/2018

Picture this: all 40 Finnish National Parks

Photo: Tea Karvinen
Ural owls at Sipookorpi National park
The day Tea Karvinen photographed these young Ural owls at Sipoonkorpi National Park, just outside of Helsinki, their mother attacked the ornithologist who was trying to outfit them with ID rings.

Karvinen spent more than 700 days exploring and photographing the country’s 40 national parks, travelling by foot, ski, skate, snowshoe, canoe, kayak, rowboat and even helicopter.

Karvinen, whose first name, Tea, is pronounced as two syllables, unlike the English word “tea,” grew up in Helsinki. Despite her city upbringing, she has felt the call of the wild and the call of the far north ever since she was a child. Today she lives in Finnish Lapland, a short distance from the Arctic Circle. In the 1990s she studied photojournalism at the University of Alaska.

In 2001, while working at a ski resort in the US, she got hooked on skeleton sledding, which involves hurtling down an icy track headfirst on a small open toboggan. She went on to represent Finland at the international level for nine years.

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Updated 1/29/2018

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