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News, 8/8/2018

New personnel at the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo

The Embassy of Finland in Tokyo welcomes two new personnel this summer. Mikke Kinnari replaces Pekka Sommarberg for consular matters. Jonna Suni replaces Heli Sommarberg as the new administrative officer for information management.

Photo: Petri Asikainen

Mikke Kinnari

Mikke Kinnari is responsible for handling consular services. Before Japan, he worked at Finlands's Permanent Mission for UN and Consulate General in NYC. Even before that, Mikke had amassed a great deal of international experience. He started at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 2012 and worked at the consular emergency team and in the Unit for UN and General Global Affairs. He has done consular duties done for five years in Russia, and in well versed with the language since school.

Even though these may be his first steps in the country, Japan is familiar to Mikke. Even since high school, he has been in touch with Japan: in the courses about Japan, he participated in tea ceremonies and making origami. Nevertheless, the interest in Japan has not subsided, even after 20 years. Mikke enjoys sports, floorball being his specialty. Being in Japan during the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is great timing for him. He also enjoys nature and Japanese design. Mikke cannot wait to ride on the famous Japanese shinkansen.

Photo: Petri Asikainen
Jonna Suni

Jonna Suni is the new administrative officer her duties being information management, including residence permits. Before this Jonna has worked in the Ministry’s Department for the Americas and Asia. She has also worked in the Netherlands for over ten years and lived some time in Shangai and Hong Kong. This is her first assignment to a foreign country by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Jonna has been to Japan quite a few times as a holiday: she has travelled around Shikoku, Hiroshima and Takayama, to name a few. Now she sets her sights to northern and southern Japan. Her father used to travel a lot and she has been acquainted with Japan since she was little: she remembers saying things like “konnichiwa” as early as six years old. 

Jonnas hobbies include cuisine and nature, both of which can be well enjoyed in Japan. As a special interest of her, Jonna mentions Japanese applied arts, be that in exhibits or market places or even at the shelves of a 100-yen shop. The visual thinking, taken to the utmost detail, earns a special mention. To Japan she brought a broken bowl, which should be suitable for kintsugi, the traditional way of repairing pottery with gold lacquer.

Mikke-san and Jonna-san, welcome to Tokyo!

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