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News, 11/26/2018

State Secretary Lehtomäki promoting Finnish design and lifestyle industry in Japan

State Secretary Paula Lehtomäki, State Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, visited Japan on November 12th – 14th with a delegation of Finnish design and lifestyle companies. Her busy schedule included meetings with Cabinet Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as attending several business meetings and events with Finnish companies and a memorable visit to Metsä Village in Hanno City, Saitama prefecture.

Valtiosihteeri Lehtomäki avasi yritystapaamisen, jossa suomalaisyritysten edustajat pääsivät esittelemään omia tuotteitaan suurelle japanilaiselle yritykselle.
State Secretary Lehtomäki opening a business meeting with Finnish company representatives waiting for their turn to pitch.

State Secretary Paula Lehtomäki led a design and lifestyle business delegation in Tokyo on November 12th – 14th. Ms. Lehtomäki participated in several business meetings and the IFFT exhibition in Big Sight, Tokyo. Altogether eight Finnish companies participated in the exhibition: Finarte, Innolux, Lovi, Morejoy, Secto Design, Soften, Vallila and Woodio. Besides this, Lehtomäki also participated in Amphion’s studio recording event where Amphion demoed their speakers for Japanese professionals.

Besides the business program, Lehtomäki had a bilateral meeting with Mr. Yasutoshi Nishimura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and later on with Dr. Tomohiko Taniguchi, Special Advisor to Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet and Mr. Yasushi Masaki, DG of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Suurlähettiläs Pekka Orpana, valtiosihteeri Lehtomäki ja Amphionin toimitusjohtaja Anssi Hytönen olivat yhtä hymyä onnistuneen nauhoitussession jälkeen.
Ambassador Pekka Orpana, State Secretary Lehtomäki and Anssi Hyvönen, Managing Director of Amphion, smiled after successful recording session during which Amphion presented their speaker products.

One definite highlight of the visit was the trip to Hanno City’s Metsä Village park where Finland is very strongly represented down to the actual name of the place: Metsä means forest in Finnish. Despite the rainy weather the visit was very nice including a short pit stop on Moomin Valley side which will open in March 2019. “Metsä Village is very stylish and built in the most diligent way”, Lehtomäki commented and continued that “these new investments will definitely support Hanno City’s development further”.

Valtiosihteeri Lehtomäki ja Hannoon kaupunginjohtaja Masaru Ookubo kättelivät tyytyväisinä Metsä-puiston avainhenkilöiden tapaamisen jälkeen. Maisema tuskin voisi olla suomalaisempi.
State Secretary Lehtomäki and Mr. Masaru Okubo, Mayor of Hanno City, shaking hands after a lunch meeting with key figures of the Metsä Village project in front of very Finnish-Japanese landscape.

Metsä Village is already now home to famous and beloved Finnish brands such as Robert’s Coffee, Stadin Panimo, Fiskarssin Panimo, Stallhagen, Kuura Siideri, Kyrö Distillery, Finlayson, Marimekko, Golla, Arabia, Iittala, TRE and Fazer. This is definitely one of the biggest group of Finnish brands under the same roof outside of Finland.

Valtiosihteeri Lehtomäki jätti terveiset Noora Kontiolle, joka työskentelee ainoana suomalaisena Metsässä työpajaprojektien parissa.
State Secretary Lehtomäki left her supportive message to Noora Kontio who is working at the Metsä Village’s workshop.
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Updated 11/26/2018

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