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New Nationality Act

The New Nationality Act came into force on 1 June 2003. The Government decided on 15 May to propose that the President of the Republic approve the new Nationality Bill. The most important change will be that dual (multiple) citizenship will become acceptable. Finnish citizens will no longer lose their Finnish citizenship when they assume another citizenship. Similarly, foreign citizens who are granted Finnish citizenship will not need to give up their present citizenship.

Considering laws of both countries

Dual nationality can only be acquired in accordance with the laws of both Finland and the state in question

The laws in both Finland and the other state in question must permit dual (multiple) nationality before the acquisition of a second (additional) nationality. Finnish nationals may retain their Finnish nationality if the state whose nationality they apply for permits that. In the same way, foreign nationals who are granted Finnish nationality may retain their present nationality if that state allows it.

In order not to lose your nationality unintentionally, when applying for a new nationality you should find out in advance if the state concerned permits multiple nationality.

Applying for Finnish citizenship

Applications for Finnish citizenship must be made by using a form for that purpose. Furthermore, applications must be submitted in person to the District Police within whose area of jurisdiction the applicant's home municipality is located.

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