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Service fees

Prices from February 1,  2019  
Fees are non-refundable and are subject to change due to Finnish Foreign Ministry's exchange rate fluctuations.
 The fees can be paid by credit card or  in cash in Japanese Yen.


5 year passport14017400
5 year passport, issued in a week16019900
Temporary passport17521700
Identity card for Finnish citizen9011200
Identity card when applying passport at the same time587200
Emergency passport, Emergency Travel Document. E.T.D, Laissez- Passer16019900
First residence permits
Residence permit (other permits than the ones mentioned below)
    e-service application42052200
    paperform application47058400
Residence permit for an employed person or a self-employed (entrepreneuer) person: employment which requires a partial decision
    e-service application40049700
    paperform application60074600
Residence permit, no labour market testing (Special expert

Scientific research, Sports or coaching)
    e-service application35043500
    paperform application55068300
First residence permit for entrepreneur (start-up entrepreneur)
    e-service application35043500
   paperfrom application48059600
Residence permit for studying
    e-service application30037300
    paperform application36044700
Residence permit, minor applicants
    e-service application22027300
    paperform application25031100
First residence permit for seasonal work for 3–6 months, no labour market testing
    e-service application35043500
    paperform application55068300
First residence permit for seasonal work for 6–9 months (requires a partial decision)
    e-service application40049700
    paperform application60074600
Certificate for seasonal work
    paperform application10012400
Visa for children age 6-11 years354300
Visa for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania,  Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.354300
Application for release from Finnish citizenship40049700
Citizenship declaration
    e-service application20024900
    paperform application25031100
Citizenship declaration, minor applicants (under 18 years)
    e-service application809900
    paperform application10012400
Request for definition of citizenship status506200
Notary services303700
Obtaining of an address10012400
Obtaining of an document10012400
Transfer of money to a Finnish citizen in distress405100

Supervision of an exam

Please be in contact with the Finnish Institute in Japan

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